Woman Jailed For Trolling Herself On Facebook

OK, so this one is a little odd (or just plain stupid) but basically Michelle Chapman, aged 24 (yeah I don’t believe that either) hated her family so much that she set up fake profiles of her family members on FB, specifically her father and his wife and then sent trolling type abusive messages to HERSELF and then reported it to the police LOL – the perfect plan huh? Good job this mastermind hacker didn’t want to do anything more sinister!

Although these strange goings-on did end with her stepmothers arrest and her father cautioned, her plan didn’t really pan-out, a little internet forensics were carried out and the police we able to conclude that the profiles were set up at Michelle’s house (they read what IP address the accounts were set up with – pretty simple really), so she’s now doing bird for 20 months (haha) and also banned from using computer equipment.

Judge Christopher Harvey Clark described her as ‘wicked’ but in fairness to Michelle it does seem as though she is the product of a broken home and that her father and his wife weren’t exactly very welcoming towards her. She attempted to organise a reunion with her father Roy Jackson who she hadn’t seen for 21 years, but during these attempts they fell out. This makes her actions a little more understandable, but there’s still no real excuse for them.

So remember kids, always use a proxy or mask your I.P. address lol.